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Eyelash Extensions

Why not try an eyelash tint is recommended before eyelash extensions?

Transform your appearance! lash extensions look amazing and do wonders for your confidence. your desired look is achieved varying the type, quantity, length, colour and thickness of lashes used. this will be established before your treatment. please note! not everyone’s lashes accept extensions. please speak to your lash technician.

Classic individual ‘permanent’ lashes

starting from £55.00

Your natural lashes do shed every few weeks, taking your extensions with them! top-up treatments for the above treatment are necessary for as long as you wish to have lash extensions for.


starting from £37.50

Express lashes – quicker, lasting up to two weeks.

starting from £35.00

Cluster lashes – quick. very full look, or the ‘flirty edges’ look. lasting up to one week.

starting from £20.00

Strip lashes – for you or us to apply instantly. lasting a day / night. reusuable.

starting from £8.95


LVL Lashes – Works with the natural lash!

£55.00 (40 minutes)

The LVL Enhance treatment works by straightening the natural eyelash at the root with an added tint, providing instant results! As it works with the natural lash, LVL Enhance is ideal for customers who are new to eyelash treatments, or those looking for an everyday lash enhancement with no maintenance. Lasts 6-8 weeks.