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Hair Removal


Half Leg incl. Knees & Toes


Three Quarter Leg


Full Leg or Full Arm


Full Leg and High or Extended Bikini


Underarm or Bikini Tidy


High Bikini


Extended Bikini


Strip at top of pubic mound and / or naval


Brazilian (only square on pubic mound left. buttocks not included)


Hollywood (all off! Buttocks not included)


Gluteal Cleft


Buttocks Only




Lip, Chin, Neck or Cheeks


Lip and Chin (or two of those above)


Partial and Full Facial Waxing from


Eyebrow Shape


Back Patch


Full Back or Chest


Back and Shoulders or Chest and Abdomen


Roller, Spatula, and Hot Wax available with any treatment. (Hot Wax +10%)

Please be aware that the skin on the upper lip and particularly eyebrow area can be very sensitive for those who have very dry or irritated skin, are hormonal, ill, under stress, on medication, or sun-drenched. If you are suffering from any of these on the day of treatment, we recommend you mention so to your therapist. For dry / sensitive eye areas, we highly recommend ESPA or Priori eye creams. They solve dry, flaky, sensitive or reactive skins more effectively as they work in the deeper layers of the skin.

Permanent Reduction


A non-invasive, safe and effective hair removal for all skin types and most hair colours, including blonde.

Pulses of light are emitted to raise the hair follicle temperature and destroy it. At the same time, the blood supply to the germ cells is destroyed, preventing any possibility of re-growth.

Clients may expect to receive between 6 and 12 treatments and must commit to monthly sessions. Consultations are necessary to establish treatment procedure and costs.

Explanatory Consultation

Free of charge

Full Consultation and skin test



A Permanent method of hair removal. Suitable for small patches of hair growth. You should expect multiple visits at regular intervals.

up to 5 minutes


up to 15 minutes


up to 25 minutes