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IPL cromolite hair removal - Beauty & Beyond Advanced Treatments



For the dramatic and effective treatment of Skin Rejuvenation (by including cell production and healing) and Permanent Hair Removal.

Permanent Hair Reduction

‘CHROMOLIGHT’ I.P.L (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT)A non-invasive, safe and effective hair removal for all skin types and most hair colours, including blonde.

Pulses of light are emitted to raise the hair follicle temperature and destroy it. At the same time, the blood supply to the germ cells is destroyed, preventing any possibility of re-growth.

Clients may expect to receive between 6 and 12 treatments and must commit to monthly sessions. Consultations are necessary to establish treatment procedure and costs.

Explanatory Consultation

Free of Charge

Full Consultation and skin test



A Permanent method of hair removal. Suitable for small patches of hair growth. You should expect multiple visits at regular intervals.

up to 5 minutes


up to 15 minutes


up to 25 minutes