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Oxyjet – The ‘Celebrity Facial’

There is a real alternative to injectable botox & fillers! The world’s most effective oxygen system

Oxyjet was developed in 1986 by a Chemist and a Pharmacist, and is backed-up by staggering results from numerous research and medical institutes from around the world.

As we age, oxygen and nutrients fail to reach the skin cells. The skin thins, dries and develops wrinkles. Skin pigmentation becomes irregular. The sun, pollution, alcohol, genes, illness and so on worsen the skin still. We combine ‘Nora Bode’ cosmetic formulations with the numerous techniques of the Oxyjet system to bring oxygen, the elixir of life, to your skin cells giving you a fresh & healthy glow.

Oxyjetting with Beauty-Tox

‘Jetting’ is the Oxyjet’s original and primary technique – It consists of painless pulsed pressure injections (no needles) of ‘Beauty – Tox’. ‘Beauty-Tox’ is a naturally-working alternative to botox. It still diminishes lines & wrinkles, whilst also strongly stimulating production of the skin’s own collagen (firming, plumping), and hydration levels. Beauty-Tox is non-toxic & non-paralytic. It’s made of argireline (a hexapeptixe), and matrixyl (a pentapeptide). This formulation is shot into the skin using Oxy Jetting. Within two minutes it has penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin’s epidermis. Lines and wrinkles are softened (not over-filled and stretched).

Oxyjet Treatments Men & Women

Each facial begins with ‘oxyclear’ – a polyrotational head firmly buffs, cleanses and invigorates the skin, whilst it’s blue light calms, heals & produces an antibacterial layer over the skin.

Celebrity Star Facial

1 hour, 20 minutes


Jetting with Beauty-Tox of the face, neck, eyes and lips, Oxyfluid spraying, caviar eye & face mask.

Prescription Facial

1 hour


The perfect Oxyjet combination to treat your particular concerns or requirements – elements can include; Oxyspray, Oxytone, microdermabrasion, lymph drainage, Oxymassage, Oxyjetting, Oxycryo, Nora Bode ampoules & masks.

Express Facial

40 minutes


Exfoliation, Oxyfluid spraying and Oxycryo to suit your skin type and condition.

Oxyzoning Facial

40 minutes


Jetting using Beauty-Tox in up to three concern zones, eg. Eye, lip, frown.

Oxymicrodermabrasion Facial

50 minutes


With the diamond encrusted tip for deep exfoliation, combined with a refreshing flow of concentrated oxygen infusing into the skin, this is a comfortable experience with amazing results. We follow this with Oxyfluid spraying and moisture mask.

Maxi-Lip – For luscious, buxom lips in your lunch break!

20 minutes


Using Oxyjetting and a patented natural peptide is used to volumise the lips. Collagen’s increased by up to 351%, to look and feel softer and very plump.

ULTIMATE Toning and Lifting Facial

1 hour


Combine the Oxijet’s Oxytoning, Guinot ‘Lift’ Facial and Firming Mask and treat yourself to Beauty & Beyond’s ultimate Toning and Lifting Facial

Courses Available. Discounted Beauty-Tox homecare available with treatment courses.