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Hot Stones Relaxation Treatment - Lingfield Beauty Salon

Relaxation & Well-being


Whether it be to simply relax, loosen up, aid circulation or lymphatics, break up fat or to get rid of the tension and knots, we will massage you where and how you want and need.

25 minutes


35 minutes


55 minutes


Repetitively Strained Muscle Melt

Whether you drive, paint or sit at a desk all day, repetitive positions and tension will be a real concern should you not tend to them regularly. This massage concentrates on the major areas of concern: upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp, elbows and wrists.

25 minutes


Indulgent Skin Sensation Cocoon

Shut yourself away for some treasured time of relaxing pampering while still seeing to your skin and stress demands! This treatment is a combination of exfoliating, hydrating and holistic massage from your face and scalp, all over the body, down to your feet–wonderful!

1 hour, 40 minutes


Spa Serenity

A combination of full body, facial, feet and scalp massage, with cleansing, exfoliating & thermal touches as we go – complete relaxation.

1 hour, 25 minutes



An ancient art of Chinese healing. Reflexology is designed to pin point blockages in the body’s natural flow and to clear them for optimum well-being and health. This treatment is carried out only on the feet and ankles and offers complete relaxation and serenity with amazingly powerful reactions. We may treat anything from lack of energy to infertility.

50 minutes



A combination of calming, de-stressing aromatherapy massage with the healing, blissful touch of reflexology foot massage.

1 hour



A combination of a relaxing massage-based facial to brighten and hydrate your skin, with the healing, blissful touch of reflexology foot massage.

1 hour, 10 minutes


1 hour, 30 minutes
(Also including a full body exfoliation)


Hot Stones Massage

A soothing deep tissue muscle massage using warm volcanic basalt rocks to melt away all your tension.

35 minutes


55 minutes


Aromatherapy 1 hour, 5 minutes